Manufacturing Software

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to production data to improve failure prediction and maintenance planning. This results in less costly maintenance for production lines. Many more applications and benefits of AI in production are possible, including more accurate demand forecasting and less material waste.



For manufacturers who need more wisdom about their process, MiVue is an innovative data analytics solution that drives resource optimization. It was designed for manufacturers, by manufacturers.

MiVue provides you with real time condition monitoring of critical manufacturing assets, enabling you to see inside your equipment and operations.

The MiVue platform has been developed to and is operated in accordance with common industry security standards. The gateway transmits fully encrypted data via a secure cellular network to the IoT hub and via a VPN to the cloud data center.



Vanti offers AI-based solutions for manufacturers that help optimize the production process such as detecting failures early in the process, offering faster calibration process and detecting visual defects.

Their unique technology automatically maintains, monitors, and even optimizes models in production, so you deploy hundreds of AI models as easy as one.

Vanti works behind the scenes to make sure your deployed model in production is the best fit for you. Vanti constantly collects data from the production line and automatically trains new models based
on this new data (“ghosts’ models”), in order to figure out if there is a model that could beat the performance of the deployed model. Ghosting ensures that the model will always perform at its best. If Vanti finds a better model, it will automatically offer you to upgrade your model to a better version.