Ride the Wave Foundation

Our MISSion

To empower individuals from within, employing the principles of servant leadership and other business concepts.

Ride the Wave Foundation

Ride The Wave Foundation (RTW) was established in 2023. We offer free business training to individuals who feel marginalized by society, seek assistance, and aspire to improve their lives. Our mission is to empower individuals from within, employing the principles of servant leadership and other business concepts. Here is a glimpse of the training we provide:


  • The Power of Positivity
  • Fueling Encouragement
  • Finding Purpose
  • Being a Go Giver
  • Goal Setting
  • Job Search Guidance
  • And Much More!

We aim to bridge the gap between education and government programs by tapping into the skills of ordinary people who want to help by teaching others. With homelessness on the rise, RTW believes that genuine power and change come from personal connections and understanding. To facilitate this, we’ve launched the Wave podcast, a platform for people in need to share their stories, featuring individuals from various walks of life.

In the future, RTW plans to introduce a training program for individuals from the middle to upper class who want to learn how to connect and show grace towards others but may not know how to do so. The goal is to equip them with practical skills for engaging in meaningful conversations with those they might typically overlook.

How Was RFT Formed?

RTW’s founder, Jeff Fisher, was profoundly influenced by the unlikely relationships he formed. These connections led to the creation of RTW.

1st Interaction:

While strolling down South Street in Morristown, NJ, Jeff encountered Lorenzo, who was selling splash paintings on the sidewalk. Lorenzo invited Jeff to view his artwork, sparking a conversation that Jeff found truly engaging. Jeff admired Lorenzo’s energy and determination, despite the challenges he faced. Lorenzo’s motivation became a source of inspiration for Jeff.

2nd Interaction:

During a café meeting with Lorenzo to discuss potential collaboration, Jeff met Marc Robinson. Jeff couldn’t help but notice the numerous pens on the table, and Marc proudly shared one of his drawings. Like Lorenzo, Marc was eager to improve himself. Jeff and Marc, at first glance, seemed like an unlikely pair, with different backgrounds and appearances. However, their trust-building efforts led to a valuable friendship, revealing that they had more in common than they initially thought.

3rd Interaction:

The catalyst for Wave occurred when Jeff encountered Darryl Zilinski near his parents’ home. Jeff noticed a van in rough shape with a man sleeping inside. Acting on a feeling, Jeff approached the van, knocked on the window, and asked if the man needed help. Darryl shared his story, and Jeff provided him with encouragement and assurance that things would improve. This encounter left a lasting impact on both of them, but Jeff lost sight of Darryl for a while.

Months later, just before leaving for the EntreLeadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Jeff spotted Darryl’s van near the convenience store. He immediately turned around to check on Darryl, who looked significantly better. Their initial encounter had changed Darryl’s life, giving him hope and purpose. This emotional interaction marked a turning point for both Jeff and Darryl, eventually leading to their friendship and the inception of the Wave concept during Jeff’s flight home.

4th Interaction:

Jeff’s next encounter was with Hal in a café. Hal had suffered a stroke and appeared to be struggling with mobility. Despite his rudeness toward the staff, Jeff decided to engage with him, positioning himself with an open demeanor. To Jeff’s surprise, Hal responded positively, and they bonded over a shared interest in a book by an author both admired. Their conversation veered toward topics of positivity and spirituality, creating a positive energy in the room. Jeff discovered a formula for approaching others with genuine intentions to get to know them.

What RTW Provides:

  • Free training classes
  • Books
  • Action plan handouts
  • Apparel
  • Transportation to City Relief in Newark, NJ, for those in need of food, clothing, addiction counseling, and more

RTW Does Not:

  • Give money
  • Provide legal advice
  • Offer professional counseling

The Podcast

The Wave Podcost is a platform for people in need to share their stories, featuring individuals from various walks of life.

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